1. UNITY COMBINATION****** Two beads of two mukhi & one beads of Gaurishankar, when used in a three-bead combination, is called Unity Combination (Ekta Bandb). This combination helps in the removal of differences of opinion among people & bring them closer to each other emotionally & thought-wise. It is good for family life, to improve relationships between the wearer & other (especially for marrired couples) & to improve relationships in the uotside world with friends & colleagues. Although it is recommended that both the parties should wear to improve relationshipa, even one person, who wears this combination, will get the benefits as he or she is able to influence others.**** The two mukhi beads preferred in this combination are the Nepal varieties. Since these beads are rare & expenisve, one can settle for Haridwar/Dehradun variety beads also. The Gaurishankar may be from Nepal or Indonesia. (2) MOON BRACELET****** Nine beads of two mukhi rudraksha preferably with pearls & silver spacers make this bracelet to be worn on right hand. It pacifies malefic effects of planet Moon & as such contrlos anger & emotional behaviour. Those desiring calmness, peace of mind & harmony in family should wear this.**** (3) DURGA BRACELET*** This barcelet has a nine mukhi (DURGA) rudraksha with sphatik beads & two or four five mukhi small-sized rudraksha beads. This is worn on the left hand. The wearer becomes free from generated within the family due to health problems of the family members, education of chilren, worry about husband's or wife's welfare & stress due to insecurity within the family life. The wearer gets energy, dynamism, fearlessness & mental strength.**** (4)SARASWATI **** Two beads of four mukhi (Brama) & one bead of six mukhi (Kartikeya) makes a Saraswati combination. It is useful for children to get concentration in studies, enhancement of memory & for good expression skills in writing or oral presentation. This three-bead combination has helped thousands of students to make a bright career. If a child is seven years or lower in age, then he/ she can given only one bead of four mukhi. For those above this age, the full three-bead combination can be used.***(5)SWAATHYA** This combination is for those who do wish to wear a full MALA of smaller beads & want to maintion good health & protect themselves from general diseases. Usually, minor blood pressure problems or diabetes of initisl stages can be consists of two beads of three MUKHI & three beads of five MUKHI. To improve performance of this five-bead combination, many people get it attached to a five MUKHI MALA of smaller beads so that they are able to get a good coverage over the chest. Usually the Swasthya combination is used along with water therapy described in this chapter for better results.***(6)DHYAN YOGA****These combinations are for meditation purpos- es There are different MALAS & combinations popular among people: (a.) A simple five mukhi rudraksha mala of 108+1 or54+1 or27+1beads(most common being108+1)(b.)A five mukhi mala having one Gaurishanhar at the top & one mukhiat the meru (Total number-of beadsincluding Gaurishankar & one mukhi should be 108+1). (c.)A five mukhi rudraksha mala having the following beads: three, five, nine, 11mukhis, Gaurisha- nkar & 1mukhi. This is known as Dhyan yoga mala as it covers all the aspects required for better concentration & meditation like good health (three & five mukhi ),fearlessness (9&11 mukhi), ident- ification with God (Gaurishankar) & Shiva's blessings (1mukhi). Allthese beads are strung in a fiv- e mukhi smaller bead mala, the total number of beads being 108+1, including large & small beads. (d.) A 32or32+1 bead Kantha of large-sized Gaurishankar beads is used by sanyasis or those fu-lly dedicated to spiritual work. While meditating, these peoply wear this kantha & manasik (silent) japa is carried our while counting is done with the small-sized beads atrung in another mala. This combination is not eecommended for family persons. At best it can be kept in a pooja place. (e.)Higher level od meditation is done by using 14 mukhi rudraksh tied on the head keeping it is Ajn- a Chakra & counting of the mantra using of either 5 mukhi or 2mukhi rudraksh. It is useful for kun- dalini awakening, by combining the meditation with Pranayams & upwards with chakras.********** (7) DOSH NIVARAN** This combination is highly effective to rectify any Vaastu defect in the rasi- dential or commercial premises, or to nullify the ill-effects of jealousy, black magic, evil eye or any planetary bad influence. It consists of one bead of 10 mukhi strung in sphatik beads with a mercury ball (optional) attached to it at the bottom. This can be hung on the ceiling at any place without any hindrance to it & free arce around it. It also helps in keeping the temperaments of peo- ply living in the house cool & the atmosphere remains very peaceful. Sometimes, a 12 mukhi rudr- aksha is used in place of 10 mukhi. This can be a good alternative for neutralising planetary effec-ts.*** (8)** PROTECTION COMBINATION**A combination of 9, 10, & 11 mukhi rudraksha is recomm- ended to remove fear of any kind & to instill confidence to face all adverse situations bravely.This can be fear of ghosts or lack of confidence or threats of physical assault. The beads can be wo- en on the left hand or around the neck. Sometime, a few mercury beads are added to this combin- ation to ward off evil effects created by opponents.**(9)**AJNA CHAKRA**This is a 14mukhi rud- raksh to be worn on the hand touching the middle portion between the eyebrows or worn aroun d neck. The 14mukhi rudraksha is a powerful bead, also known as Dev Mani. It neutralises the eff-ects of Sade saati & also improves visualization power.***(10)**NAVAGRAHA SHANTI**This is a combination of 3,5,10,11,&12 MUKHI RUDRAKSHA to be worn around the neck, 10 & 11MUKHI RU-DRAKSH remove negative planetive effects, while 3,& 5 MUKHI RUDRAKSHA remove negative ef-fects of bad kaemas committed & 12 MUKHI RUDRAKSHA gives the confidence to look forward in life using the untiring power of the Sun.**(11)**VICTORY COMBINATION**Those who are fighting legal cases or involved in property or any type of disputed or those serious competition while ma- rketing their probucts, find this combination very useful.It has one bead of 10 MUKHI, 1bead of 11-MUKHI & 1bead of 16MUKHI. The jai rudraksha having 16MUKHI can defeat the adversaries & brin-g in victory while offering full protection through 10MUKHI (Vishnu) & 11MUKHI (Hanuman).