YAJURVEDA SAMHITA (Sanskrit Text with English Translation of R. T. H. GRIFFITH) by Ravi Prakash Arya

Ved Samhitas

The Vedas are the foremost record of great advance made first ever by humanity since its awar-eness of the phyiscal world around & the metaphysical element pervading it althrough. The comp-osition of Vedas could have been possible only after the humans had developed the language as the means of their communication & defined it into the components phonemes (vocalic & consona-ntal), & morphemes (i. e. root + suffix combinations). COMPILATION OF YAJURVEDA**** Yajurveda is the collection of Yajusas. All the yajusas were compiled in the form of Yajurveda ke-eping in view the various Adhvaras & the person or priest who conducted & Adhvaras was also known as Adhvaryu. Adhvaryu is the name of yajna. Yaska clarifies the very intention of the wo-rd Adhivara as: