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In November 1945, I wanted to spend my Divali holidays with Mataji I had never before stayed in nay of Her Ashrams. Mataji was to be at Vindhyachal on that occasion. The war was not yet over, &, being an ‘enemy alien,’ I could not leave Varanasi without obtaining a special police permit. I applied & was wondering whether the permit would reach me in time. How great was my joy & amazeme- nt when I received the reply that I did not require any more permits! Hencefort-h, I was free to travel where I pleased within India, provieded I kept the police informed of my itinerary. Ever since the beginning of the war in 1939, my movements had been severicte- d. I had had to apply, giving valid reasons, every time I wanted to leave Varansi evenfor a single day. Permits, had often been granted, but by no means always. Was it a coincidence that the moment I had no more desire to go any where except for sole reason of being near Mataji, I was suddenly free to go wherever Iliked?************************************************************* QUESTION : Since the religious conception is the highest, the only goal in life, what becomes of those who do not attain to in their lifetime?*************** MATAJI : Those who do not attain to the Goal of human existence, have to continue in the realm of feath, which is the ceaseless round of birth & rebirth. QUEATION : Since our omly reason for living is to return to that from which we came, why is there this life, why were separated from this Being?*********** MATAJI :Everything is His Wil, He is absolutely free, He is His own law. This coming & going is His very nature, His dispensation. He Himself plays with Himself, everything is He & He alone.