MOTHER REVEALS HERSELF (Early period of Matri Lila: 1896-1932) As recorded by Bhaiji {Jyotish Chandra Ray}


It is hoped that this translation will fulfil the long-felt desire of Shree Sh-ree Ma’s countless devotees to know more about Ma, & through Her own words, find guidance in their quest for the unknowable. While going thr-ough the pages they may also gain some idea of that unique phenomenon of our time-Shree Shree Ma Anandamayee.****************************** Once the topic of Ma’s early life came up during our conversation, &, on my repeatedly asking Her to tell us something about it, She began to speak :****************************************************************** At that time Dol ?& Durga puja were celedrated every year at this Body’s maternal uncle’s place. When this Body’s mothernal uncle’s place. When this Body’s mother made her offerings in the temples & in the presence of the Durga deity during puja celebrations, there would arise a prayer wishing for a child in her heart. Soon after a daughter was indeed born to her but the baby died prematurely, thus intensfying her yearning for a healthy child.*********************************************************** This Body ‘s father was extremely fond of kirtan & would spend his days roaming from place, singing kirtan. Some wondered hwo such a lovable young man came to be behaving this way, no doubt causing much anxiety to his parents & near ones. His early life was spent mostly in Kheora village – where his maternal uncle’s family resided. When he went missing for days on end his mother would weep constantly for only son, not knowing where he was wandering like an ascetic.Apparently he had even taken to saffron robes for a while. One day word reached his family that he was spending his time singing kietan in a neighbouring village & with a great deal of persuasion he was broght back home. He had an innate love for God & for singing His praises, & was gifted with a sweet& melodious voice.