CHAP. 1. :- Invocation Maitreya inquires of his teacher, Parasara, the origin & nature of the universe. Parasara performs a rite to deatroy the demons : reproved by Vasishtha, he desists: Pulastya appears, & bestws upon him divine knowledge : he repeata the Vishun Purana. Vishun the origin, existence, & end of all things. CHAP. II:- Prayer of Parasara to Vishun. Successive narration of the Vishun Purana. Explanation of Vasudeva: his existence before creation: his first manifestations. Description of Pradhana or the chief principle of things. Cosmogony. Of Prakrita, or material creation; of time; of the active cause. Development of effects; Mahat; Ahankara; Tanmatras; elements; objcts of sense; senses; of the mundane egg. Vishun the same as Brahma the creator; Vishun the preserver; Rudra the destroyer. CHAP.III :- Measure of time. Moments or Kashthas,&c.; day & night; fortnight, month, year, divine year, or : Yugas, or ages : Mahayuga, or great age : day of Brahma : periods of the Manus : a Manwantara : night of Brahna, & destruction of the world : a year of Brahma : his life : a Kalpa: a Pararrdha : the past, or Padma Kalpa : the present, or Varaha. CHAP. IV :- Narayana’s appearance, in the beginning of the Kalpa, as the Varaha or boar: Prithivi (Earth) addresses him : he raises the world from beneath the waters :hymned by Snamdana & the Yogis. The earth floats on the ocean : divided into seven zones. The lower spheres of the universe restored. Creation renewed.