When I was a small boy, I used to see Sri Krishna, with the flute, as he is pictured by the Hindus, because my mother was a devotee of Sri Krishna…. When I grew older & met with Bishop Leadbeater & the T.S., I began to see the Master K.H.—again in the form which was out before me, the reality from their point of view --- & hence the Master K.H.was to me the end. Later on, as I grew, I began to see the Lord Maitreya. That was two years ago & I saw him constantly in the form put before me… New lately, it has been the Buddha whom I have seeing, & it has been my delight & my glory to be with Him. I Have been asked what I mean by ‘the Beloved’. I will give a meaning, an explanation which you will inyerpret as you please. To me it is all—it is Sri Krishna it is the Master K.H., it is the Lord Maitreya, it is the Buddha, & yet it is beyoud all these form . . . What you are troubling about is whether is such a person as the World Teacher who has manifested Himself in the body of a certain person, Krishnamurti… before Inever said: Iam the Wprld Teacher; but now that I feel Iam with my Beloved, I say it, not in order to impress my authority on you, not to convince you of my greatness, nor of the greatness of the World-Teacher, nor even of the beauty of life, but but merely to awaken the desire in your hearts & in your minds to seek out the Truth. If I say, & I will say, that Iam one with the Beloved, it is because I feel it & know it. I have found what I longed for, I have become united, so that henceforth there will be no separation, because my thoughts, my desires, my longings — have of the individual self—have been destroyed… I am as the flower that gives scent to the morning air. It does not concern itself with who is passing by… My purpose is not to create discussions on authority, on the manifestations in the personality of Krishnamurti, but to give you the waters that shall wash away your sorrows, your petty tyrannies, your limitations, so that you will be free, so that you will eventually join that ocean where there is no limitation, where there is the Beloved. . . It is no good asking me who is the Beloved. Of what use is explanation? For you will not understand the Beloved until you see Him in every animal, in every blade of grass, in every person that is suffering, in every indivdual34