AS THE RIVER JOINS THE OCEAN (Reflections About J. Krishnamurti) by G. Narayan


GRIHASTHA THE STREAM What is education? If it were the acquisition of knowledge & experience & the building up of memory, it would be a limited process. Intuition is helpful in
education, but it is the result of desire. When one does something right, afew days later one may feel that one had an intuition about it. One may find that it is based on desire, fear, or a variety of pleasures. Intuition is the product of emotion unable to express itself in normal language since language is at the material level. It is especially so in the case of men & woman who are rather sentimental & romantic. All thinking, including intuitive thinking, is still the response of memory & experience. Because it is part of thoubht, it can never be all-inclusive, & so it is limited & narrow. Krishnamurti visited Rishi Valley every year & talked with students & teachers. He walked a distance of nearly three miles every evening on a dirt road from the school to the mouth of valley.Some of us accompained him on these walks. In discussion with teacher, Krishnamurti was talking about the immediacy of enlightenment, and when asked if it was”now or never,” he replied that phrase had a sence of gloom.I reapeted that it was of the present. Krishnamurti was delighted that I appreciated that sensivity of language and experience. He said by way of a joke that he would give me Rs.500 as salary.I was not earning half of it as a teacher. Krishnamurti was with us at dinner,and I wanted to talk about challenge and response. Krishnamurti stated that there was a gap between challenge and response, the latter occurring after the challenge with a time gap. (Book Faith India)