BLISS NOW My journey with Sri Sri Anandamayee Ma By Swami Ramanada


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MOTHER’S GREAT LILA:- I notice that the flowers of the forest had gotten brighter. The colors of the small flowers I was picking were purple gold, & were touched with saffron. Thay were shaped just like mandalas, & actually seemed to be transforming before my eyes. I could see the mandalas swirling, & I stated to wonder what they had put in my chai! The whole forest started to glow around me. I wasn’t sure why I was picking this bouquet of flowers, but the flowers all taking on the shapes of mandalas, & some were actually swirling in my hands, like chakras. I decided that this was an enchanted forest, & I came to the realization that this was a forest where Sita & Lord Rama had actually stayed when they were in exile. I could feel their energy, & I started to sweetly sing, “Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Ragupathi Ragava Raja Ram!” The flowers, the glowing forest, & the enchantment were now dancing all around me…I seriously started to question my sanity. I had not eaten a good meal for weeks, only a little bit of milk each day. Maybe this was the hallucination that went hand in hand with starvation. But it was ecstatic, & I felt my lips, & there, once again, was my wonderful smile. Ah yes, I had found it again! I looked at the flowers I was picking, & felt Sita & Rama all around me & I started to weep tears of joy. “God, you haven’t deserted me, only I was too blind to know your ways…. MA MA MA JAI JAI MA MA MA MA JAI JAI MA :- When Mother came out of Her trance, we celebrated with a huge. She was placing Her shakti in the food. We ate with gusto; She blessed was the best-tasting food in the world! It tasted like it was full of seeds of bhakit. She was putting Her spirit inside of us. She alwave told us to carry this shakti to all the people who could not come to India to be directly with Her. We became quite concerned, becaues Mother had stopped eating at this time. She had gone several weeks without any food or water. I was around Her constantly, & She never wavered in Her lack of desire for food. The attendandants around Mother were getting concerned, & were uneasy that She would go into Mahasamadhi if She didn’t eat. I was nevre concerned, becaues I could see Her feeding each day on the sunling. She was doing these amazing kriyas as She looking up at the sun, & each time, Her body would start to glow. Food seemed so mundane to such a being Finally, She siadto us, “My food is dedicated lives.”